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How To Sabotage Your Fat Loss Results

It’s sad but I see many people sabotaging their fat loss and health results every day.

People generally fall into one of three categories. Those that see zero results, those that see some results and those who see great results. The reality is that “zero results” and “some results” are way more common than “great results”. It doesn’t take much to go from no results to great results…most of the time we just need to get off our lazy butts, stop telling ourself we have no time or energy and just make it happen!

Hopefully this list lights a fire under your butt and keeps your results happening!

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This is the difference between people who see great results and those that don’t.

What is the purpose behind your health goals?

When meeting a client for the first time I always ask a few questions about their goals going forward. This helps me determine if their goals are realistic and how they’ve gotten to the point of sitting and talking with me. I can usually tell a few minutes into our conversation how dedicated this person is going to be, how much energy and time it’s going to take from me to help them and whether they’ll actually achieve the goals they’ve mentioned.

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The Exercise Band Workout

During the week I like to train in the gym but on the weekends when it’s nice outside I’d rather not be indoors. Instead I grab some of my favourite exercise equipment and head to the park to workout. Some of my favourite toys to use outside are TRX cables, A Skip-Rope, kettle-bells and an Exercise band. Today’s workout focuses on using an exercise band.

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Zucchini Almond Butter Chia Bites

I did a pole recently on my facebook and with my New You Program members, asking which meals throughout the day they had the most trouble coming up with healthy ideas. It was a unanimous answer of between lunch and dinner being the hardest time of day to stay healthy.

This has led me to focus on helping people come up with healthy snacks that are high in fiber and are packed with protein.

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Seven day food planning challenge

As you all know I work full-time as a fitness trainer and health coach. My job is to help people get fit & healthy!

When you work closely with people everyday you tend to hear some pretty similar excuses when it comes to being organized food wise. Usually all the excuses revolve around Time! No one has any time these days.
We are all super busy and when we aren’t we tend to be pretty tired. The last thing we want to do after a long day is prep our food. I hear ya…I really do!

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