How To Sabotage Your Fat Loss Results

It’s sad but I see many people sabotaging their fat loss and health results every day.

People generally fall into one of three categories. Those that see zero results, those that see some results and those who see great results. The reality is that “zero results” and “some results” are way more common than “great results”. It doesn’t take much to go from no results to great results…most of the time we just need to get off our lazy butts, stop telling ourself we have no time or energy and just make it happen!

Hopefully this list lights a fire under your butt and keeps your results happening!

You don’t Make Time

Eating healthy and exercising is not something you should be doing when you “have time”. Instead it should be something you “make time” for every day. Eventually you won’t even feel like you are making time for it, it will just come naturally and be a part of your daily schedule. If you want results this is where you need to be. Too tired to exercise today…how about a fun game of frisbee with your partner instead. Something is better than nothing…that and consistency is the key to results!

You don’t eat regularly

One of my coaches uses the phrase “Success leaves clues”. If you take a close look at how athletes and professional fitness models eat you’ll see a pattern (clues). That pattern is frequent eating with a nice balance between protein, fats and carbs. You won’t find many pros skipping meals, doing lame intermediate fasting diets and juice cleanses. This may work for some people but for most people it won’t.

You’d be amazed at how fast people can see results from just eating healthy and exercising consistently. Sadly most people don’t even try to eat healthy and exercise consistently. They jump right into some BS quick fix thinking thats the answer. Pro Tip…it’s never the answer!

You don’t get enough sleep

You’d think this is obvious and simple but you’d be amazed at how many people screw this one up. If you don’t get enough sleep a few things happen. First your resting blood sugar will be higher than normal. This means the fat storage hormone Insulin will naturally be higher than it should be. Lack of sleep also turns down the hormone Leptin which means you won’t feel satisfied when you eat. The Hormone Ghrelin will also Rise, which turns up your cravings and appetite so you want to eat more often. On top of this you won’t recover enough from your exercise so your results will be much slower if at all.

You don’t drink enough water

If you don’t drink enough water not only will you be holding on to extra water weight, you also won’t be eliminating toxins at the rate you should be. This will in return effect your energy throughout the day. It will also effect the rate in which you lose fat and trick you into thinking you are hungry, when in fact you are just thirsty. Drink less water if you want to look bloated, be constipated and have no energy during the day.

You go through the motions

There is a major difference people who focus on what they are doing when they exercise and those who are just following a script of some kind and trying to get through the prescribed movements as fast as possible. If your program asks you to do 10 squats the idea isn’t to get through 10 squats as fast you possibly can. The idea is to do each rep with as much focus and intention as possible. The goal is to put your muscles under “load and tension” for a specific amount of time. That time is broken up into how many reps it will take to get there. Every rep counts! If you flail through the movements cheating and complaining you will never see results…its that simple. If you are looking for workout programs that get results – The New You Program Workout Programs will give you all the information you need to get in the best shape of your life. You’ll know what exercises to do based on your fitness level, how many sets and reps to do each week and you’ll know how to focus so that you don’t find yourself going through the motions!

Stop sabotaging your fat loss results with little things that you have control over. Drink enough water during the day, get your sleep, eat regularly and stop saying you don’t have time to eat right and exercise! Stop watching so much TV and make time!